Andy Ottley -

Senior Partner at Jackson, Green and Preston Estate Agents

Cyden Homes are a great company to partner with. I’ve always found them to act professionally with their customers as Chartered Surveyors, they deliver a very high quality home and they really do care about their reputation

Mike Searle -

Bridge McFarland Solicitors

In acting regularly for Cyden Homes customers, I can verify how fair and professional they are, how they want to allow their customers to enjoy the process of buying a new home and how they go about looking after their customers

Craig Ross LABC Warranty

LABC Warranty have worked with Cyden Homes for a number of years. During this time, the quality of their homes has been recognised at our regional Site Manager of the Year awards, where they have either won or been highly recommended for 5 straight years. The high standards of finish typical of Cyden Homes also saw them win the Development of the Year (51+ units) at The Bricks, our annual national site awards

AW -

Cyden Customer in New Waltham

I always wanted to buy a Cyden Home because it’s something people dream of round here and I can see why. The quality of the home and its specification was phenomenal and they really helped us every step of the way from the time we first reserved, through to handing over the keys and even now, 2 years later, still helping and advising us.